Friday, October 15, 2004

Real estate

So the price of houses is just high enough that I can not actually afford to buy a house in a place where I would want to live. I tried to do some math but then realized that I forgot to figure in the fact that "the man" would take a portion of my income so that buying might not be a realistic option. I am not sure though, I'll have to see.
But I learned that I have a rockin credit score for someone my age. This is mostly cause I couldn't get approved for anything in my college and post college years because someone stole my itendity to open a phone line. I got that removed though because how could I have had a phone number in Michigan when I lived in Iowa.

I completed a couple armbands for my friend Molly this week. They are really cool although I may take a day or two or three off from knitting just to give my hands a break.

Sexy MoFo armbands Posted by Hello

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