Sunday, October 24, 2004

Adventures in House Hunting

I met with a realtor yesterday and we looked at a couple places during my break. There is this single family one bedroom home in an awesome neighborhood and it could work except that it slants. It seemed like there were places where it seemed to dramatically slant. I figure I can rip up the smelly carpet and stuff like that but with the slant I'm just not sure. But it had an awesome front yard and a deck all the way around the house.
I need to think about it some more and make the decision about what is most important to me. I love my neighborhood and I am close to my friends and I love being able to walk to coffee and have independent businesses around me.
I am trying to take all of my hours spent watching Home Makeover and use that when I look at houses but I want to make sure that after I make my mortage payment every month I can still afford buy paint or whatever to make my house a home.

I started a scarf with the Jiffy Quick and Thick. It is totally cute. It was inspired by Melinda's Quick and Thick scarf. I was giving her a refresher course on how to cast on and knit and stuff and I realized that I was not done with the Jiffy Quick and Thick yarn. So I started a new scarf. My socks are still sitting unfinished but they are coming along nicely.
I noticed a two person stitch and bitch going on at my coffee shop last weekend and they were there today too. I thought about bringing the fixings for my sister's arm bands but I didn't. Mostly cause I'll have enough time to knit today and I want to make my project last.
And then there is Raggedy Ann who seemed to be staring at me with her button eyes yesterday saying "Work on me, Christmas is coming soon." So I did a little work on her too. I got one color finished on her.

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