Sunday, October 17, 2004

In a Jiffy

Oh how I love the Lion Brand Yarn Jiffy Quick and Thick. I have knit up the bottom of Lucy's cat bed in no time at all. Now all I have to do is the walls of the cat bed and then Lucy will have her own bed. I think I may have to buy more of this for Christmas presents.
It is so fabulous to knit with the thick yarn and the huge needles finish things so quickly. I have found my new fix, being such a results oriented knitter and being so eager to share my knitting with all my friends and family. It is so great that it knits up in such a Jiffy. Ok yeah I'm a geek.
Now it is cold both cats have joined me in my bed. They have totally taken over the part of the bed where I like to sleep and are pushing me over to the side without the feather pillows. And they are not sleeping by my feet where but by my torso and head so that I end up moving over to the side of the bed with the less desireable pillows. There really is only one remedy to this problem and that is to buy more feather pillows.
I spent most of yesterday working on my Raggedy Ann cross stitch for my friends mom. With the weather being so cold it is a reminder that Rocktober is just two short months away from Christmas which means I have to finish this cross stitch. She looks more like Raggedy Ann and less like a possessed rag doll because I made a point to fill in her eyes. I like to work by color, trying to get one color out of the way at a time. The current color is blue.

lucy checking out her cat bed Posted by Hello

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