Saturday, October 30, 2004

my first hat

I finished my Jiffy Scarf and I decided today that what I need is a Jiffy hat. I started trying to make one up but I realized that I may have started it out too small. I've only knit two rows so it will not be hard to frog and start over.

Because I sew I am used to following patterns. I wouldn't just cut out something that looks like a collar I would use a pattern piece to make the collar or make up a pattern piece but I wouldn't just be free form or anything. I think that sewing has made me more of a pattern follower when it comes to knitting. I'll knit something from a pattern before I'll just sort of make something up.
I realized that it doesn't have to be like that with knitting. For some reason the simple act of tying fringe to the end of my new jiffy scarf made me realize this. It was like "cool I did my own thing, I added my own fringe rock on." Now I feel kind of like not always following a pattern but sort of making up my own things more.

I guess the intrasia in the armbands is sort of like making up my own pattern but I know how to do those so it isn't like blindly going into the adventure of making a hat.

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