Friday, October 10, 2008

The slim Cat

A few weeks ago I got an interactive cat feeding toy or a ball with holes in it to feed my cats. This is what cable will do. I watch one episode of Housecat Housecall and all of the sudden I decide that my cat is bored and needs interactive feeding toys so he will stop begging for food.
After reviewing the directions I realized that both of my cats were on the fat side of the picture.
The result with the slim cat so far is that at night I feed them real food in a bowl so that they will let me sleep. Then during the day I put their food in the Slim Cat toy.
One strange side effect is that my cat has decided to try to escape when I open the door to my condo. The good thing is that I have a condo and he just escapes into the hallway. The bad thing is that he seems to be looking for a new home and would paw at neighbor's doors to get to this end.
This is a cat who has never really ventured past the door mat and whose idea of adventure is to go into the laundry room while I wait with the door open. Now all of the sudden he is running up and down stairs and hallways in my building.
They have also begun to leave their toy mice in a pile in front of my bike. I am not sure if they see the bike as an extension of me or perhaps they hope to make an alliance with the bike so the bike will feed them while I am away even though the bike goes where I go.
On a positive note Snoop did look thinner as he ran up and down the stairs and hallway of my building in an attempt to escape his new starvation diet.
*Note: I am not feeding them less food just the method of feeding has changed.