Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Galactic Pizza

I saw a Galactic Pizza delivery driver today. This totally made my day. It is this pizza place but they deliver driving these cute little electric cars and wearing superhero costumes. They don't dress up as Superman or spiderman or whatever. There are their own superheroes like Galactic Girl and the Space Cowboy. I think I saw Galaticus cause whoever was driving the cute litte electric car was wearing a helmet like Galaticus does.
I got home from work today and there are those real estate locks on all of our apartments. It isn't suprisig or anything but all of the sudden I am thinking I need to sort/pack/throw away stuff. I have been slowly selling of this box of my dad's old books on ebay but now I am thinking I am ust going to have to take what I can get for them at the used bookstore because I just don't have the time to sell them right now.
Anyway I finished a pair of armbands for myself and I am going to begin working on a pair of arm bands that say "Punk" and "Rock" for my friend Brook. She is the one who gave me loads black and purple yarn that are perfect for doing that kind of thing with.
Although I am feeling this overwhelming pressure start re-packing my life up I need to sleep so I can get up and work tomorrow.

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