Monday, September 02, 2013

Cherishing my writing time

First, cool stuff, I wrote something for the on the topic of women in business for the Your Thoughts section of the Minnesota Women's press. It is just a little thing but you can read it here.

I spent the last month working days in a costume shop because there were no shows on the stage I work on for the last month. No shows= no actors= no people for me to dress or laundry for me to do.

Since I had so much time off with another 6 weeks off anticipated in January/February I decided I needed to work. I've spent a lot of time and energy worried about money lately and I'm hoping that spending the month working will give me a little cushion and allow me to focus on writing instead or worrying.

Working days when I'm used to working evenings and weekends has been an adjustment and even though it feels like I have written very little, I've still written, and ultimately I keep reminding myself that I did this for the writing.

It has been great to reconnect with old friends and meet new people. It has been fun to build costumes, put together flat puzzle pieces that eventually take shape into three dimensional garments, be part of this creative work, see the work that other people are doing.

I have one more week left of day work before I go back to my real life. I'm excited to return to my normal writing life and I hope to make some changes that help me take full advantage of my writing days. Having my writing time altered has made me want to cherish that time more once I return to my regular schedule.

This month I'm doing the Write Fifteen Minutes a Day Challenge. There are writing prompts and blog posts on Laurie Hasle Anderson's blog. Today's prompt is about things that steal writing time.