Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I had my writing group last week and I brought my previously rejected story in hopes of suggestions for making it stronger. Not only did I find some suggestions and much love and support for my story so I am not going to apply the changes and send it out again.

In other exciting news I gave award winning playwright Tony Kushner a pony dressed to look like him. I think he liked it.

Pony Kushner

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A life of luxury

Due to mounting dental bills and less work at my full time job I talked to my boss at my second very part time job about picking up a couple days a week in the fall.
It was hard to ask to be able to do this but since the money that I had saved so I would be able to only work one job and use my free time for writing is now the money I need to save because the economy sucks. And because I am anticipating a large dental bill and a lot of time off in the fall I asked.
I think that this is the most temporary solution and would work the best for me. As long as I set my boundaries and don't work more days than the two I have committed to I think it will be OK
One of my co-workers was asking me about it and her comment when I said I was picking up two days of work therefore giving up two days to write. "So it's time to give up that luxury."
I think what bugged me is that I don't think of writing as a Luxury. I don't think of working only one job as a luxury. Many people only work at one job.
I work hard at writing and it is something that I feel I have to do. I guess that I feel it is important whether I am cramming in writing time on my lunch break or spending a couple hours writing.
I guess if I was sitting on my boat, wearing diamonds and driving a mercedes then I would think of writing as a luxury.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday I went to my mailbox eagerly awaiting some news of a story I had submitted to a magazine. Yesterday I opened my mailbox to find a rejection letter.
I have gotten my fair share of rejection letters since I started submitting my work usually with the "Does not fit our present needs" box checked.
Yesterday was a little hard on me because the box checked was "It involves stereotyped roles." So now I need to decide do I rewrite the story and try to get rid of "stereotyped" roles or do I scrap the story all together or do I not change a thing and just hope a different magazine will not be as picky about "stereotyped roles". The added challenge is that it is a story about Christmas so I am not sure if I have enough time to completely revise it to eliminate some of the things that might be considered "stereotyped" roles.
The rejection did help me make other decisions like "Which story should I send to writing group?"
The rejection did not help me with the decision of taking a writing class this summer which I want to do but the only ones that fit are on Mondays-my only night off. It's hard to give up the only night off.
I am trying out a second writing group which is nice because it gives me a new set of eyes looking at things. I am trying to remember in writing group to do my best to bring out the best in other people's stories. I think sometimes it is hard to remember not to just praise the story but to give suggestions. I think the thing is hard is knowing that these stories are like people's children in the way that they feel about them. I sometimes feel like if I have a suggestion is like insulting someone's child.