Friday, January 16, 2009

Writing goals

I don't really consider it a new years resolution because I started working on it in December. I think I just figured why wait until the new year to start?
I have been trying to focus more on writing. After taking writing classes and filling my toolbox with writing tools I feel more confident about writing. I am focusing on writing, revising and submitting stories.
So far I have been doing well. I have a couple projects that I am working on and I have actually been working on them.
Actually having stories that I have written that I need to revise is good motivation. Instead of turning on the computer to a blank page I find that I get to revisit a new friend.
As many writers know looking at a blank page can be very scary. Just getting enough written before an inner editor takes over to tell you what is wrong with it can be a race.
The challenge for me is saying no to other things that come up. So the real goal this year is to treat writing as more of a job. I have been writing to do lists and I have been doing tasks from said lists. Tasks include sending out submissions, working on new stories and revising stories that have already been written. So far it seems to be working.
Having the list has been helping me take the writing more seriously. Now when people ask me to do things like baby sit I am able to put my own limits on how much I can do because I have tasks that I have to do for my writing.