Sunday, January 30, 2005

catching up

I have been busy but this is my most recent finished object. They are cute. From the Stitch and Bitch Nation book of course. I just have to get cute buttons for them and then they will be ready to go.
Still working on Barbie's fishnets but I am getting close to being done with one of those.

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Last night was the first time that I have been at home before 8 pm in ages. OK I think a week really but I was done with all my work and stuff by 5 and so I got to watch movies and deal with the pile of laundry on my bedroom floor.
Dealing with the laundry meant that I also changed my bed. Snoop loves to help with this household chore. Snoop sits on the bed while I add the sheets and blankets. I try to "get the lump out" of the bed. Sometimes Lucy plays too. Her job is to help me move the lump.
So anyway here is a picture of Snoop hiding under the sheets on the bed. Snoop!

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Music to knit to

OK so the current is still just the best little radio station ever. The music they play makes me so happy.
Yesterday Mary Lucia had been talking about music to clean to which made her ask what music you listen to while doing certain activities. She said today that someone knits to the Outkast. I have never tried that. But after listening to the current for a while today I feel like I might need to knit myself a Joey Ramone doll from the Stitch and Bitch Nation book. Just to be my listening companion for The Current. Or maybe I should knit a Joey Ramone doll for The Current. Sort of like an awesome music mascot.
I'm sure that since it is listener supported radio that they would rather have my cash money but they may get a Joey doll until my mailbox gets fixed and the paychecks that haven't been reaching me get hear.
I have not gotten a couple pay checks through the mail and I am a little ticked. But it looks like fixing the mailboxes will happen. I saw the boxes containing the new mailboxes in the hallway today. No one works on weekends around here so it will probably get done next week sometime but at least after living here for 6 weeks I should start being able to receive my mail.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

all about the music

OK really I have to continue professing my love for 89.3 the Current. As soon as I get some funds worked up I will profess my love finacially but for now I'll just write about it here.
It is so awesome to listen to awesome dj's a and a great mix of music. It was so wonderful tonight cause there was this total punk vibe going on but mixed with Willie Nelson and Duke Ellington. The 2-7 DJ Mary Lucia was so awesome today when she talked about how some drivers want mellow but some want to rock out. She had played some mellow but now it was time for some guitar.
I spent my teen years hoping that I would grow up to be Jane Pratt and run an awesome magazine like Sassy. Today I decided I want to be a DJ or be the lead singer of a band. Blame it on the awesomeness of the station but I am just like yeah, it's about the music.
The kids I baby-sat last night wanted to watch The Who- The Kids are Alright. The 2 year old gets this little pint sized electric guitar and starts playing along with the band. See what I said- All about the music.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A crisis. Really?

I heard the word crisis used to describe the situation with Social Security. That it will run out by 2075 and so it is this huge crisis facing America.
To the folks trying to sell this crisis I want to know is something that my happen in 2075 really a crisis? Why are we running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to revamp the system.
Social Security running out in 70 years seems like we totally have enough time to address it without trying to pivatize it right away.
I think that instead of freaking out someone needs to open the floor to suggestions of how to encourage people to save money.
We debate for hours of who should teach children about sex and evolution/creation, but no one ever talks about who teaches their kids about money. Just as much as any other value the way people deal with money gets passed on to their children.
If you walk onto any college campus today chances are that there are people standing around using t-shirts, cd's, hats and other prizes to lure people to sign up for credit cards. When was the last time you saw someone giving away prizes for starting an IRA, savings bond, mutual fund or other such investment.
There are many other problems facing our country today. Perhaps we should be running around trying to fix the health insurance situation or trying to come up with alternative energy sources. Nobody runs around freaking out because if we don't start using alternative energy and stop contributing to globabl warming Minnesota is likely to look like Kansas in 50 years.
So that is my rant for the day .

Monday, January 24, 2005

sometimes you want music

I love music but commercials drive me crazy. For the most part I feel like I spend more time changing stations to avoid them. So I listen to MPR- Minnesota Public Radio.
Today was an exciting day. The launch of MPR's new music station 89.3 The Current. Being a news junkie I listened to Bill Kling talk about it the other day on Midday and again on a re-broadcast this weekend. So I was a little excited about a MPR station that would play the kind of music that I would want to listen to.
Of course I will continue to listen to all my programs on 91.1 but it is nice to have music to listen to without commercials.
With two stations to meet my diverse needs for both news and music I will have to renew my membership.
My membership lapsed in October and I haven't renewed because I am currently in a "music phase" after being bogged down with news and different viewpoints and election disappointment. I switched to commercial music stations for the majority of my time but now with my brandy new station I am going to have to pay up. That way when they say "listener supported radio" after a really kick ass song set I will know that I am one of those listeners.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Note to other drivers

To all the drivers who felt that they had to flash their lights at me during the already stressful situation of driving in massive amounts of snow it would be good to remember two things.
The first thing is my car is little. It has little tires. It is low to the ground. It can not plow through snow with the same grace and poise as an SUV or extended cab truck.
Second thing is perhaps driving at a slow and steady pace when I can't even see a lane is actually doing all of you who got stuck behind me in certian spots a favor. Perhaps you would have taken those spots a little faster had I not been in front of you and maybe you would have spun out. Count your self lucky to be in back of a cautious driver and not in a ditch or with a beat up car.
That is my observation of the day.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

so cold it hurts

It is so cold outside. I momentarily had my mittens flipped up so that I could do things like use my keys. By the time I got to my door my fingers were turning red.
Yesterday they had a story at the end of the news about a kitty who had jumped into a bird bath and then jumped with her wet feet onto a fence which her feet stuck to. What I wonder about this story is where is there a bird bath with water that isn't frozen in Minnesota. Perhaps they have heated bird baths and that is what this was, like a little birdie hot tub.
I started making the 2 needle fishnets and they are coming along slowly but nicely. I need to jump over some attention span hurdle that prevents me from really liking socks because I know that I have to make two.
Lucy goes out into the hall every time I open the door. I don't know what she thinks is so interesting out in the hall. She usually hides from things like other people and ceiling fans. It seems strange that she would venture into the hallway where there might be both.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

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Starting tomorrow we are going to be having a cold snap so it is a good thing that this hat has ear flaps.
I just underwent a major hair change today cause I decided that today was the day that I would donate my hair to Locks of Love. So I got like 10 inches cut off and lost a couple more inches in the styling process.
It is totally great cause I now have layers. It is pretty much the only time I have ever had layers. Mostly because in my mind the word "layers" is associated with the eighties feathered look. Not that I ever had that but I was convinced that if I asked for layers I would end up with eighties hair.
So next I am going to work on the 2-needle fishnets from the Stitch N Bitch Nation book. They are for my friend for her birthday which isn't until March so I have some time.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Super cute mittens

I have completed my first pair of mittens. They are this super cute little number with a matching hat from the Stitch N Bitch Nation book. This hat will be pointy at the top but unlike the mini-sombrero that I knit in the fall this is supposed to be pointy. It has ear flaps too. The one in the book is red and pink but there was no red and since I was dying to get started I decided that purple would be super cute too.
I am very looking forward to the winter carnival this year because now instead of trying to make my scarf behave as a hat I will have the perfect winter carnival headgear. Maybe the snow and winter is just waiting for me to finish with my matching hat and mittens. I am so proud of my mittens that I might invest in little mitten clips just so that I don't somehow lose one.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

new home

OK the moving is complete. I am officially in my new condo and everything is well.
I get to have a little shopping spree at Ikea at some time. There is this cute little desk that I like but I also need large frames for some posters that I have so that may be what I end up getting.

I have started to knit some mittens. I started them this morning but I ended up having to frog them really early on and start over because I missed some important part of the directions. I guess I just got going and turned the page to quickly.