Saturday, May 30, 2009

writing and rewriting

Earlier this week I met with my writing group. I was excited to see what they had been working on for the month and I was excited to share what I had been working on.
Currently I am working on a novel and my main character is in sixth grade. She gets to the first day of sixth grade and finds out that she is in a class with her almost step brother. I was happy to hear that my writing friends like my character and my story and to find out things that I can do to make it better.
I have done NaNoWriMo twice but it is so much nicer to write a novel slowly and to really have a handle on where it is going and to have the time to get to know your character and have them develop over time.
Whenever I hit a writers block I go and interview my character.
It has been fun to hear what people think and get ideas and see what their questions are.
I went to a critique group last month and one of the writers was so clear in her writing that as a reader you always knew what the character was doing and why.
In other news I finally figured out my scanner. Really I never installed the software since I have a Mac I thought it wasn't important for me to do but then I could never scan. So I downloaded the software for the device and now I can scan. I spent some time yesterday scanning old family photos of grandparents and such.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Last night my front brake cable on my bike broke which left me with a very inadequate back brake.
So I took my year old bike to the bike shop where I felt like a person who goes to the dentist without brushing and flossing first. The guy working on my bike told me that I had been hard on my bike. I guess that it is hard not to be hard considering the pot holes and bad roads.
My back brake was completely malfunctioning. I tried to explain that it had been like that for forever and that I asked about it when I brought the bike in last summer for the 90 day tune up but that since I had never known any different that I never didn't push the issue.

But really this is a story about my cat. When I brought my bike home my little cat had to check out the bike and she took special interest in the new brake. So it must have met her approval. I know that animals have a heightened sense of smell but I had no idea it included new bike parts.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I'm a winner

I was excited to be able to attend the MNSCBWI workshop today. There were two authors presenting on the Nuts and Bolts of Children's Writing.
It was fun to connect with friends who write for kids and to see so many familiar faces from classes and events I've gone to over the years.

There was a drawing for door prizes too and I won a door prize. There were books to chose from. Since the book with the pink cover had already been picked I chose the On Christmas Eve by Ann M. Martin and it's signed.

I must admit that in my youth I read could not get enough of the Babysitters Club series by Ann M. Martin. I think at one point in time some friends of mine and I even tried to start our own version of the Babysitters Club. We were not as successful as the kids in the books but I still did a lot of baby sitting.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What I'm reading

This week I read the book Miss Spitfire Reaching Helen Keller by Sarah Miller. I have to say it was one of those books that I had a hard time putting down.
The story is told from the perspective of Annie Sullivan and follows her first month of trying to teach Helen Keller. Through out the book there is some background on Annie Sullivan like her memories of the time she spent in the almshouse and her memories of losing her brother. I know that I have seen the Miracle Worker but reading about it I found myself turning the pages. I think the moment when Helen finally makes the connection of water and the finger spelling really means something is really a magical moment. Also reading about this bond that this student and teacher had was really amazing.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New Wallet

Yesterday I got a new wallet.
I carry a wallet because I don't carry a purse. I can't remember purses. I lose purses.
Normal people go to a store and buy a wallet or maybe get a wallet for Christmas. Not me. I go to work.

L: What is that? Is that your wallet?
Me: (looking at the fire hazard receipt holder in my pocket) Uh yeah.
Note- Now I am preparing for a lecture on the state of my wallet. How I should take some time to clean it out or just get a new one or whatever but no here's what happened next.
L: It's perfect. Can I have it for the show. I'll let you pick out one from stock.
Me: Uh sure. Let me clean it out.
L: No I like the stuff. Just take what you need and leave the rest in there.
Me: Cool
So I get rid of some things I don't need anymore like my Northwest Airlines frequent flyer card and a bunch of receipts and I get a new wallet. Despite all the sensible choices I chose one with flames and a chain. I ditched the chain but kept the flames.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Today was the annual May Day festival at Powderhorn Park.
As I was sitting and waiting for the parade to start I heard a kid across the street yelling "Baby Mohawk!" "Baby Mohawk!" (Note: Babies with mohawks are not an uncommon sighting during May Day)
Then the kid across the street started yelling "Baby Blue Mohawk!"
I looked around me and realized that I was sitting next to a Baby with a Blue Mohawk who will now be called Baby Blue Mohawk.
I managed to get the mohawk in a picture which makes me happy.

So Happy May Day!