Friday, December 17, 2004

let the moving begin

OK so I have begun moving things to my new place. I took two loads over yesterday and 4 loads over today. I drive a small car and I haven't cleaned out my trunk so they have been small loads so far. I moved a piece of furniture over today.
The painters are still working on it so I feel a little limited in what I can bring over just yet because I do not want to be in the way.
I have to set daily goals of what I want to move so that I can be sure to get everything done. So I think tomorrow I will move some boxes and my coffee table.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

visions of knitting dance in my head

Last night I had visions of all the scarves I was going to finish with four hours of uninterupted knitting time. I was baby sitting but the kids were supposed to be in bed by the time I got there.
This was not the case and in the changing of the guard I had two pretty awake kids on my hands at 10:30.
It was kind of shocking to me that two baby sitters couldn't get at least one of the kids in bed especially since one goes to bed earlier than the other one.
I got the littlest one to sleep pretty quickly and then was watching a movie with the 4 year old. I thought I would pull out the knitting then since the Land Before Time doesn't really require all of my attention. Wow was he ever facinated with the yarn. I knit probably about 5-10 rows the whole night with 10.5 needles and eyelash yarn. Oh well.
But on the positive side I am very close to finishing my Raggedy Ann cross stitch. It is the outlining phase and then I will be done. In time for Christmas.

Monday, December 06, 2004


So I have today off, well so far I haven't been called for any temp assignments, so I am working on packing.
The packing has been going well so far. I am still trying to get rid of stuff. It has been really easy for me to get rid of my dolls and pez and stuff but now I am trying to get rid of books. Getting rid of books is a much harder thing for me to do. I feel more connected to them so it is harder for me to part with them. I lived by a Barnes and Noble for a couple years so I have a lot of books. Fortunately I found living in the city that I am closer to the library than I am to a Barnes and Noble.
Sometimes the libraby is kind of tough because you might have to wait for a long time until the book becomes available. That is another reason that I have a lot of books, because when it comes to what I want to read I don't always want to wait for weeks on end.
Now I am trying to decide which books I am willing to part with.