Tuesday, October 19, 2004


I actually got approved for a home loan. So now I need to try to decide on a real estate person.
I am a little confused about the mathematics that actually think that I can afford the mortgage payments. I think I may need to see what I can do at that level to get my payments lower or shop at a lower level. I mean it shows my credit card, student loan and car loan but it doesn't show stuff like how much I pay for health insurance or whatever. Let me tell you that there will be no "fun money" in my account if I get a house.
Lucy's cat bed will be done tonight so I will post pictures of that tomorrow.
For those lucky enough to be on a snail mail list there are some cute Halloween cards coming your way with a kitty that looks like Lucy would look if she would wear a witch has and sit on a pumpkin, she won't so these card will have to do.
OK off to job number 2

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Anonymous said...

I used to do special finance loans. Those are loans for people who used to have great credit, but now have problems (bankrupcy, late payments, charge-offs). What they said in the business was that eveyone that went bankrupt was approved for that loan. So just because they say you can have it doesn't mean you should, but you would be suprised at versitile ramen noodles can be when you become a home owner. :-)

You couz,
David www.acadmyhd.org