Tuesday, June 24, 2008

remembering my first bike

For some reason today I was thinking about the first bike I ever bought. It was actually the first bike I ever owned.
It was a pink bike with fenders and a pink flame banana seat.
I remember saving my money as a kid so that I could buy this bike. I saved money from the tooth fairy and my birthday and I even tried to sell things like rocks and pictures.
My dad even let me spend a dollar of my money to buy a lottery ticket and I won $25. That was the only time I have ever won any money at the lottery.
My best money making endeavor was to pick up rocks that had fallen out of the rock bed and get paid a penny for each rock. Then I would try to sell the rocks to my friends for a penny.
So finally once I had saved enough money I bought this great pink bike with a flame banana seat.
Now I ride a bike everyday. I ride to work. I ride where ever and whenever I can. So I was thinking about where this love of bikes may have started and this is what I came up with.