Monday, September 06, 2004

state fair- again

I returned to the state fair this weekend. I am actually doing everything in my power to not go one last time before it closes. Returning was actually a good thing since I missed the Fine Arts building on my first trip. This is an unexcusable oversight and is mostly due to the fact that I was consuming a food or beverage at the time we stopped at the fine arts building on the first day and they don't allow food or beverage in the fine arts building. By the time I was finished my fellow group members had seen the fine arts building. When I see the fine arts building I am amazed by the art people can make. The watercolors always impress me because of the amount of control some of the artists seem to have. I do not have nearly as much control over my watercolors as these people seem to have.
But I realize that I don't have to be a master at the fine arts because a couple buildings away from the fine arts are the creative activities. This is a category I have decided that I should begin entering. They have collecting, quilting, baking, needlepoint, latchhook, cross stitch, and my most recent skill- knitting. This gives me hope that if I never really become great at watercolor it won't matter because I will always have knitting.

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