Saturday, September 11, 2004

knitting socks

My current knitting project is socks. So far this has been a slow going process. Mostly because I have frogged them three times since I started.
Although I have been knitting for less than a year I have become somewhat results oriented. I think I just really like the feeling of satisfaction that I get from actually finishing something. This doesn't happen with my at home sewing projects- mostly because I finish enough costumes at work that it isn't really that big a thrill for me to come home and turn out a pair of pj bottoms in an evening. Knitting a cute little fun fur scarf on a Saturday gives me that.
Even though I know my sisters love getting their cute flannel PJ bottoms for Christmas knitting has also opened up a whole new realm for me as far as Christmas presents go. I'm excited because this year I can give something different than the PJ bottoms that have become so mundane to me.
As I'm knitting these socks though I am getting the feeling that I will be at this for a while. I try to keep my unfinished projects to a minimum so I am not sure what this means for the Christmas present cache.

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