Thursday, September 23, 2004

Cat Bed

This isn't about a project I am currently working on or one I have just finished but it is one I look forward to seeing get used. This spring I knit up the kitty bed from the book Stitch n Bitch. The day I brought the kitty bed home was also the day that I got my dining room chairs so Snoop and Lucy were more interested in that than the cat bed.
The bed sat mostly unused for the summer. I mean really if you were a fur person would you want to sit around in fun fur/wool-ease kitty bed in the middle of summer, probably not. The weather was wacky this summer with some nights falling into the 40's and let me tell you the kitty bed was much appreciated on those chilly days and nights.
The first time I saw Snoop actually use the kitty bed I was so excited I took a picture.
I am enjoying all the warm weather that September seems to have brought us but I am also looking forward to seeing my Snoop curled up in the kitty bed in the little spot underneath the little round table.
Lucy's cat bed will require more thought since she is a hardcore mouser and she treats the balls of fun fur as giant mice. She is brutal and I have to take extra care with balls of fun fur so she doesn't "kill" them. I am not sure that a cat bed that looks like a giant mouse to her would be the thing.
So check out Snoop.

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