Thursday, September 30, 2004

Lucy is mad

Apparently Lucy is mad. Lucy is my little girl cat who really has no problem letting me know how she is feeling.
Today she was mad so she came over while I was doing Tae Bo and pooped on this little door mat. She chose a spot just out of the way of all the Tae Bo kicking and stuff but still close enough to be right in front of me. She then hung out by her "present" for me until I noticed what she had done.
I think she is mad cause I have been working a lot and not sitting at home watching Top Model with her.
She also left one of her mouse toys in my shoes. This is a common practice when I am really busy. She finds the shoes I seem to be wearing a lot and leaves a toy mouse in them so that when I try to put on my shoes they are too small.

The other night I was taking a picture of my stargazer lily and the cats wanted to get in on all the action too so here is Snoop with the flower.

The Sweetest Snoop Posted by Hello

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