Thursday, September 09, 2004

back to work

OK so summer is over and I am back to work.
My friend Beth and I are currently working out before work everyday. We have been using the Tae Bo videos. This has provided some entertaining moments during work because sometimes when you talk about an exercise that you have done it requires you to act it out.
There are also the people who act as Billy Blank's areobics class on the tapes. The people in these videos serve as mine and Beth's virtual areobics class as well. We talk about the people we don't like, we talk about the people who are cool, and we talk about the people who do the exercises wrong.
I have been to classes at the gym but I never felt like I could talk about the people in class- mostly cause class was at 6 and at that time I'm really not up to noticing what people are doing wrong and who is cool and who isn't. I also have a tremendous respect for anyone who gets up that early to start their day doing hard core yoga. And I am bad at yoga because I'm short waisted so my body seems out of proportion to be doing some of the exercises and that keeps me from judging others. But my Tae Bo video buddies have made me miss the interaction of a real class it has become my ambition to become a little bit of a gym rat.

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