Sunday, August 29, 2004

The State Fair Diaries

This weekend was my annual trek to the Minnesota State Fair. My recommendation is go early, go often. We went early- 6 a.m. and were suprised to find there were still people who managed to get to MPR's Morning Show. We carried our bench to listen to Ann Reed sing songs about the state fair at about 6:45 we went in search of food on a stick.
There are some really wonderful things about the state fair. One of my favorite things is the hand outs. Like a kid at halloween I empty my state fair bag at the end of the day and count my magnets, pencils, post-its and recipies. My favorite free stuff from this year- a mini-fan from Toyota, a Spam magnet, a Camp Ebay t-shirt and (my overall favorite) a smelly thing for my car that smells like steak. Although not as useful I also got "Prince on a Stick" and "Garrison Keillor on a stick". These are fans actually made from local seed artist Lillian Colton's work.

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