Monday, September 27, 2004

my apartment

There is so much to love about my apartment that I am just kind of hoping that my higher power kicks in so that I can stay here longer.
There is so much to love about this place. There are 13 windows and I love every one of them for their different views.
There are these 30's style arches and super high ceilings and these awesome wood beams on the ceiling in the dining room.
There is a dining room. Unlike in other apartments where you can't really tell where the dining room ends and the living room begins.
There is also a rockin little sunroom where I read and write and chill.
My kitchen also rocks. There are more cabinets than I have ever had in my life and they go up really high. I can be slightly decadant and not even use all of them. And there is this great energy in the kitchen that makes me want to cook. I have totally realized that just cause I'm single doesn't mean I have to eat TV dinners every night. That cooking for myself is a fun creative way to take care of myself.
My friend Barb said that when things change it means that you have passed a test and whatever. I have learned from this apartment that I am a total city mouse. I thought I was a suburb mouse but now that I live in the city I can't imagine moving back to one of those apartments in the suburbs that are all the same and have 4 windows in the whole place.
Also I love sidewalks and parks and biking in the city. I love my neighborhood coffee shop with its free range coffee and I have even been trying to go to church sometimes.
I also have friends in the neighborhood and I really like being close to them.
So I know that everything will work out and the process of selling will take time so I am going to enjoy every second of it.

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