Saturday, August 01, 2009

cat vs. dog person

I am trying my hand at a nonfiction story by writing about the dog my Mom is training. The dog is a Leader Dog and my Mom is a puppy raiser so she has the dog for a year before he goes to be tested and trained.
I am always reading about how children's magazines are looking for nonfiction stories so I thought this might be kind of fun to write.
The thing I wonder is how a cat person like myself can write so many stories about dogs. The story I worked on last year in my ABC's of Writing for Children class was about a dog. Is there some dog person buried deep inside my cat person? Or does writing give me a way to imagine all these dogs as I would like them to be but without having to own them and walk them and clean up after them.
I would say that I prefer cats for all the stereotypical reasons that people prefer cats but I happen to have the neediest cat in the world. He waits for me by the door to come home at night and if there is a change in my schedule that requires me to be away more than normal he makes himself sick with concern. So the whole idea that cats are independent creatures doesn't work in my favor since sometimes my cat behaves more like a dog than a cat. My other cat is aloof and quiet while plotting my demise.

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