Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Goonies

I watched The Goonies at my neighborhood Movies in the Park.
I have to say that this movie was just as good as I remember it being when I was a kid. It has everything a movie could want, pirates, bad guys, rich guys and cool kids that out smart everyone.
If you've never seen this movie basically the rich guy in town are going to foreclose on the poor section of town known as the Goon docks. They want to turn it into a country club. The kids in the movie want to save their houses so no one has to move.
They find a treasure map in the attic and some paper clippings about a pirate ship that was supposed to be hidden on the coast somewhere.
There are also a band of bad guys known as the Fratelli's who escape from prison at the beginning of the movie.
The kids decide that they've got nothing to lose and so they tie the older brother up and go look for the treasure.
Their search leads them to the Fratelli's hideout where they climb down a fire place and end up in tunnels under the city filled with booby traps.
They end up walking through the wishing well where Mikey makes the best motivational speech, ever.
They find the pirate ship but then the Fratellis show up and they run leaving all the pirate gold behind.
When they show up on shore safe and sound everyone is happy, the Fratelli's are caught but the rich guys still want to foreclose on the house. But one of the kids has managed to get some jewels out of pirate land and everything is good.
The pirate ship, still full of gold, sails off into the sunset and no one goes after it.
So the thing I wonder is why doesn't anyone go after the ship full of gold? When I watched this as a kid I just figured they went after the boat after the credits rolled. But then again maybe all they needed was the marble pouch of jewels. I mean the whole point of going after the pirate ship was so they wouldn't have to leave the Goon Docks so if they got the ridiculous amount of gold on the pirate ship they would end up leaving to Goon Docks to be neighbors with the rich guy Troy and his dad. So they just got what they needed to save their way of life.
But it was a really fun little trip down memory lane.

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