Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The best childhood toy

The other day at work Isabell Monk O'Connor stopped by. She is an actor around town but has also written some children's books. She had in her hand a silver plastic hoop. At first I thought it was for the kids who were lucky enough to attend Target Play Dates but I was wrong. She brought the Hula Hoop for us, the lovely ladies of wardrobe. Awesome.
Here is what I have discovered- I'm still good at Hula Hooping. Seriously it is like all those years between when I was 10 and now never happened and much like riding a bike I just picked it right back up again.
It is really fun. It is kind of like being a kid again.
So I went to movies at the park by my house and there were Hula Hoops out for that event so I did some more hooping on my day off from work.
My week has begun again but I still want more Hula Hooping. I checked my gym which used to have hooping classes but doesn't have them anymore before going on a quest for my very own Hula Hoop. I think I should have made one but I'm just wanted instant gratification today so I checked at Target where they did not have any. Finally my search for clip on sunglasses and a hula hoop lead me to Kmart where I had the option between the Wave hoop which has water inside, the basic hoop which seemed really light after you have been using a wave hoop and the cosmic hoop. The cosmic hoop was $9 so I ended up with the wave hoop.
It is awesome but my scaredy cat is afraid of it.


Christina E. Rodriguez said...

I absolutely love hula hooping! I've been doing it for a couple of years using professional adult hoops from Sounds like there are quite a few hoopers in the Mpls area, even within our Minnesota SCBWI group!

Carrie said...

hula hooping is so fun. Another friend of mine tells me that they will make them at the hardware store. After playing with two hula hoops at Movies in the Park I think I need two hula hoops.