Friday, August 07, 2009

The Nicest Rejection Letter. Ever.

So today I opened my mailbox to find a rejection letter. Since I am waiting to hear on a story from a magazine I thought this is what it might have been about. This was a rejection letter for a manuscript that I sent out in January.
First of all it was a personal rejection letter not the typical form rejection.
The letter talks about how much she loves the concept of the book and how she thinks it would be a valuable resource for children.
The letter was so positive that it made me really bummed that this publisher would not be a home for my book.
The letter was so encouraging that it has been taped up next to my acceptance letter from the magazine that is publishing a story of mine this fall.
So yeah even though it is a rejection letter it is still really nice and positive and from the letter I feel like she really wanted to see this be a book.

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