Monday, January 24, 2005

sometimes you want music

I love music but commercials drive me crazy. For the most part I feel like I spend more time changing stations to avoid them. So I listen to MPR- Minnesota Public Radio.
Today was an exciting day. The launch of MPR's new music station 89.3 The Current. Being a news junkie I listened to Bill Kling talk about it the other day on Midday and again on a re-broadcast this weekend. So I was a little excited about a MPR station that would play the kind of music that I would want to listen to.
Of course I will continue to listen to all my programs on 91.1 but it is nice to have music to listen to without commercials.
With two stations to meet my diverse needs for both news and music I will have to renew my membership.
My membership lapsed in October and I haven't renewed because I am currently in a "music phase" after being bogged down with news and different viewpoints and election disappointment. I switched to commercial music stations for the majority of my time but now with my brandy new station I am going to have to pay up. That way when they say "listener supported radio" after a really kick ass song set I will know that I am one of those listeners.

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