Friday, January 28, 2005

Music to knit to

OK so the current is still just the best little radio station ever. The music they play makes me so happy.
Yesterday Mary Lucia had been talking about music to clean to which made her ask what music you listen to while doing certain activities. She said today that someone knits to the Outkast. I have never tried that. But after listening to the current for a while today I feel like I might need to knit myself a Joey Ramone doll from the Stitch and Bitch Nation book. Just to be my listening companion for The Current. Or maybe I should knit a Joey Ramone doll for The Current. Sort of like an awesome music mascot.
I'm sure that since it is listener supported radio that they would rather have my cash money but they may get a Joey doll until my mailbox gets fixed and the paychecks that haven't been reaching me get hear.
I have not gotten a couple pay checks through the mail and I am a little ticked. But it looks like fixing the mailboxes will happen. I saw the boxes containing the new mailboxes in the hallway today. No one works on weekends around here so it will probably get done next week sometime but at least after living here for 6 weeks I should start being able to receive my mail.

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Kerry! said...

My favorite music website posted about your favorite radio station.

Is this real html? Will this link work, or will I just look stupid. And will you even know I've left this comment on such an old entry?