Thursday, January 27, 2005

all about the music

OK really I have to continue professing my love for 89.3 the Current. As soon as I get some funds worked up I will profess my love finacially but for now I'll just write about it here.
It is so awesome to listen to awesome dj's a and a great mix of music. It was so wonderful tonight cause there was this total punk vibe going on but mixed with Willie Nelson and Duke Ellington. The 2-7 DJ Mary Lucia was so awesome today when she talked about how some drivers want mellow but some want to rock out. She had played some mellow but now it was time for some guitar.
I spent my teen years hoping that I would grow up to be Jane Pratt and run an awesome magazine like Sassy. Today I decided I want to be a DJ or be the lead singer of a band. Blame it on the awesomeness of the station but I am just like yeah, it's about the music.
The kids I baby-sat last night wanted to watch The Who- The Kids are Alright. The 2 year old gets this little pint sized electric guitar and starts playing along with the band. See what I said- All about the music.

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