Saturday, January 15, 2005

so cold it hurts

It is so cold outside. I momentarily had my mittens flipped up so that I could do things like use my keys. By the time I got to my door my fingers were turning red.
Yesterday they had a story at the end of the news about a kitty who had jumped into a bird bath and then jumped with her wet feet onto a fence which her feet stuck to. What I wonder about this story is where is there a bird bath with water that isn't frozen in Minnesota. Perhaps they have heated bird baths and that is what this was, like a little birdie hot tub.
I started making the 2 needle fishnets and they are coming along slowly but nicely. I need to jump over some attention span hurdle that prevents me from really liking socks because I know that I have to make two.
Lucy goes out into the hall every time I open the door. I don't know what she thinks is so interesting out in the hall. She usually hides from things like other people and ceiling fans. It seems strange that she would venture into the hallway where there might be both.

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