Saturday, January 22, 2005

Note to other drivers

To all the drivers who felt that they had to flash their lights at me during the already stressful situation of driving in massive amounts of snow it would be good to remember two things.
The first thing is my car is little. It has little tires. It is low to the ground. It can not plow through snow with the same grace and poise as an SUV or extended cab truck.
Second thing is perhaps driving at a slow and steady pace when I can't even see a lane is actually doing all of you who got stuck behind me in certian spots a favor. Perhaps you would have taken those spots a little faster had I not been in front of you and maybe you would have spun out. Count your self lucky to be in back of a cautious driver and not in a ditch or with a beat up car.
That is my observation of the day.

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