Thursday, October 06, 2011

Theater Thursday- Dressing the Part

Do you watch Glee?  As I was watching the I am Unicorn episode I noticed that when the kids were auditioning for West Side Story they were each dressed in a costume for their part.  Rachel wasn't wearing her typical skirt and knee highs, she was dressed in a Maria dress and Blaine was dressed in a Tony outfit with the cuffed jeans and polo shirt.  They totally look the part.

So,  here's a secret.  I know actors who do this.  OK, maybe not to this extent but I know people who wear the perfect 40's style dress if they are auditioning for a show set in the 40's. They do this to make them stick out in the director's mind.  They want the director to be able to see them in that part.

As writers when we submit our work we are auditioning for the role of "published author" so it is important to look our best.

1.  Submit your best work. Write, revise, repeat until it is the best.  If you get a stack of rejections repeat the revise step.

2. Follow the rules.  Stick with the guidelines posted by the agent or publisher.  Actors have to follow rules for auditions.  They have to audition on a certain day and they have to prepare audition pieces that fit the show they are auditioning for.  Someone not following the rules probably isn't going to get the part.  Same with writing.

3. Have an awesome query or cover letter.  In your query or cover letter show that you are familiar with the editor, publisher, or agent you are contacting.

4. If you are contacting by email make sure your email is professional.  Make sure your email address, font, and signature are all professional.  If you send something from your email account, an editor or agent might have a hard time remembering you.  Be aware of your signatures.  Bible verses, jokes, inspiring quotes are great for friends and relatives but not necessarily professional unless those are the kinds of publishers you are submitting to.

What other tips do you have for getting the landing the coveted role of "published author"?


Hannah Kincade said...

Since I have not yet reached the goal of "published author" all I have to say is, keep writing. Even through the submission process, write write write. If one book doesn't work, have another waiting in the wings.

Meredith said...

Great comparison! You're right--presenting your best self goes a long way. And I loved that episode of Glee!

RaShelle Workman said...

It is good to "act" the part. Fake it until you make it. Right? =D

Arlee Bird said...

Good advice. As it is often said, first impressions can make a big difference on how the rest is received.

Tossing It Out

Genevieve said...

Don't write when you find time. MAKE TIME, even if it's an hour a day (that's what works for me). Set a timer and "work" till time is up. Writers write, so act like a writer, and next thing you know, you'll be a writer!!