Monday, October 17, 2011

Minnesota Monday- Music

Once upon a time there was a thirteen year old girl who lived in a library in Iowa.  In the library she found a Replacements CD.  The Replacements are from Minnesota.  The girl grew up and moved to Minnesota.

OK I didn't move to Minnesota because of the Replacements but the music scene in Minneapolis was an important factor.

Writers love music.  It inspires us.  It fuels our writing.

I love listening to local music.  I love hearing the names of streets and places I'm familiar with in song

A lot of my writing is fueled by music I hear on 89.3 The Current,  Minnesota Public Radio's music channel.  They are huge supporters of local music.
I still love The Replacements but I've been introduced to so many other local artists that I love.  Prince, Bob Dylan(He's from Minnesota so he totally counts), The Hold Steady, Jeremy Messersmith, Paper Tiger, Toki Wright, Mark Mallman, Dan Wilson
Currently I'm listening to local hip hop artist Dessa's latest, Castor, The Twin.

Free Life

What music inspires your writing?


Christina Rodriguez said...

When I'm painting, I like to listen to talk radio/podcasts (usually comedy from the DC area), NPR, audiobooks or techno (the speed of the music keeps me energized). When I'm writing I have to listen to something without words, like classical music.

Joanne Fritz said...

You're so lucky! Minneapolis sounds like such a great place to live. I have cousins there and yet I've never visited.

I'm more of a classical music fan, although I've been known to listen to Devotchka's How It Ends and to anything by REM.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Alicia Gregoire said...

Glad that you're able to find great artists through your local radio. To get new music, I use Boston radio isn't the best place for me to get music in my preferred genres.

toni d. said...

very, very cool tunes :)

Tim Riley said...

The Replacements were actually a big part of my decision to move to Minneapolis. Many of my friends were starting bands, all devout Mats fans, and I followed their migration. I lived right by the recently departed Uptown, and I saw many a great show there, including my first night in Minneapolis, when I wandered up to have a beer and saw The Jayhawks for the first time. Early 90s Minneapolis will always have a special place in my heart.