Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to make a costume

Halloween is tomorrow and this year I made my own costume.
I wanted something that was 1) cheap and 2) easy.  After looking on the internet I decided it would be pretty cheap and easy for me to make my own R2D2 costume.  Here's how I did it.

2 pieces of large poster board
Duck Tape
bike light
cheap plastic helmet or bowl
spray paint

First off I started by drawing R2's markings on the poster board. Then I colored in the markings.

I added some accents to the body with duct tape

Next I spray painted the helmet and once it was dry added markings with blue duct tape.  I also added one of my bike lights.  This one blinks so I most likely won't turn it on since I don't actually want to blind my friends.  I also used black, red and silver tape for accents on the helmet.  I used a cheap plastic "police" helmet and turned it backwards.

My next step was to take a second piece of poster board and attach it to the first one so it formed a tube.  This picture doesn't show them but I added shoulder straps with elastic.

So far the costume is doing it's job in that it was 1) cheap and 2) easy.  It is also funny which I was hoping it would be too.  

If you didn't get your Halloween celebration on this weekend and you are still scrambling for a costume I think this could easily be adapted for other robots. 

I did consider being Maru the Cat for Halloween but didn't know if everyone would know who Maru was. But it did inspire the R2 idea.
pic from Craft:

Here's a video of Maru the cat

If you are still stumped for a costume check out this story featuring a crow costume made out of garbage bags, a baseball cap and duct tape.  

What are you going to be for Halloween 


Lindsay N. Currie said...

You're so creative. *jealous*

toni d. said...

awesome! Unfortunately Halloween isn't as big in New Zealand, so I won't be dressing up this year! :(

Meredith said...

Such an adorable costume!!! And that cat is too cute. :)