Saturday, September 10, 2011

7 X 7 Award

Tim at Life of Riles gave me the 7 x 7 award.
This award takes a look at previous blog post in seven categories.

Most Beautiful- A Road Trip Wednesday- I Would Have Given Anything to be Like.. post I wrote about my Aunt Ursula in celebration of the book Like Mandarin by Kirsten Hubbard
Most Helpful- How to Make an Awesome Diorama is my annual attempt to make a Peep diorama. The search phrases that lead people to my blog usually have the word diorama in them. I'm providing a resource here.
Most Popular- My post How to Make an Award Winning Diorama is by far my most popular post.
Most Controversial- I don't think my blog is very controversial. I did write a response to a WSJ article criticizing YA on my blog that has a lot of hits. My Response to the Critics of YA
Most Surprisingly Successful- Way Back Wednesday. Before I started participating in Road Trip Wednesday I gave posting some work from my childhood a try.
Most Underrated- I recently wrote a piece about the importance of Small Roles. I really like it. I may recycle it some day for a Theater Thursday post.
Most Prideworthy- Even though it isn't writing I'm really proud of my Harry Potter Quilt square posts.

I'm terrible at passing awards on because I know everyone is busy writing and blogging so if you want to do this 7X7 thing on your blog you should totally do it.
Happy Saturday!


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Julie said...

Congrats on your award! This is such a fun one to do, and I enjoyed reading your older posts. Loved the post about Aunt Ursula. :)