Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Fives- Location, Location, Location

This week Paper Hangover asks the question- What are your top five ideal writing locations?

1. My desk. It looks like this. There is not usually an evil kitty overlord supervising my work.

2. The May Day Cafe- My neighborhood coffee shop. I love this place. They recently decided to have a gluten free baked good available every day. I'm in trouble now.

The coolest image of my coffee shop is available here.

3. The Coffee Gallery at Open Book- Open Book is a fabulous space. It is home to The Loft, Milkweed Editions, Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. In other words there lost of bookish things going on here.

4. Work- I work long days. Sometimes I spend a lot of time sitting backstage waiting for something to happen. I also write on my break if I think I will get more done by staying there than by going home.
The Guthrie

5. The park by my house. I do this in the spring, summer and fall. Not the winter. It's too cold in the winter but I still take walks in the park during the winter.


Susan Fields said...

I think the evil kitty overlord would be great writing company. :)

Sarah said...

This is what I'm missing. An evil kitty overlord. It's so clear now.

Alicia Gregoire said...

Love the pictures. My writing space has cat overlords as well.

Meredith said...

What cool coffee shops! And that park is amazing--I can see how you would get lots of inspiration there!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

you know, i've never actually been to Open Book. I really need to go some time

RaShelle Workman said...

Great pics! Love the kitty. =D

Alison Miller said...

Love the park pics! I could definitely write there!

Stratoz said...

interesting idea to think about. while the glass work is done in my studio, where do I love to draw designs???? You have some great spots that have called words from within you.