Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Way Back Wednesday

My Mom sold her house about a year ago and moved to a townhouse near my step sister and two hours closer to me. Yay. In the process she found some of my early childhood writings.

So I've decided to post some of the early stuff here.

by Carrie Monroe
M was once a muppet, a maid and a movie star.
M munches McNuggets from McDonalds and watches Mickey Mouse.
M gets mail from Michigan sent to the moon.
M invented malls on the moon and maps for malls and
money for Minnesota.
M never gets mad or mean.

-From A Totally-Tubular- Out-of-this-World-Book
OK so this gem was written after sixth grade at College for Kids. Kids took classes in things they wanted for a week during the summer. I took writing. We wrote poems and stories for a week and then the instructor put them together in a "book". One of the kids drew the cover.
One of the assignments from the class was to write a poem using the first letter from our last name. I wrote this the summer after sixth grade so clearly the things that were important to me were malls and McDonalds (Which I was never allowed to have since my mom was a nurse).

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Way Back Wednesday.


Krista said...

Oh man, I try to avoid looking at old writing. It depresses me and brings back memories of:

Mom: No, you need to write a paragraphed.
Me: But, I answered the question.
Mom: You need to elaborate!
Me: But I answered the question!
Mom: You need to write more than a sentence.

SaraToday said...

I love that you included maps for the malls. Malls are huge!

Christina Rodriguez said...

"Way Back Wednesday!" Brilliant title. Kicking myself for not thinking of that (mine are called "Forgotten Files," how lame is that?).

Can't wait to see more of these! Did you keep angst-filled journals growing up, too, that you could share?

Carrie said...

@Christina- Thanks. I had to come up with a fun original title since it seemed like a lot of people have Flashback days or whatever.