Monday, August 15, 2011

Triathlons and WriteOnCon

Yesterday my mom and I competed in a triathlon.
It was the YWCA Women's triathlon. Women from age 14 to age 78 competed. It was an amazing, beautiful event.

I am in vacation mode but also thinking about revisions for the next draft of my novel.

I'm also looking forward to WriteOnCon starting tomorrow.

One of the coolest things about WriteOnCon is that it is so accessible. There is really no excuse not to sign up and attend. I've been to conferences so I know they are awesome but sometimes the job that currently pays the bills isn't always flexible. WriteOnCon is great because it takes that it's-really-hard-for-me-to-get-time-off-from-work excuse away. Check it out because it might work for other excuses such as I-can't-afford-to-go-to-a-conference (it's free) or I-can't-leave-my-family-for-a-weekend.

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Angela Felsted said...

Write-On-Con is great, and I have no good reason not to go. Just that I'm behind on blog comments and I really need to do laundry.