Monday, August 22, 2011

Neil Gaiman takes over the radio

Last night I listened to Neil Gaiman on 89.3 The Current's Theft of the Dial

Basically, Theft of the Dial is a show when someone awesome comes in and takes over the radio controls for an hour and plays their song choices.

They give reasons for choosing certain songs and may even tell a story especially if the song mentions them.

If you are a Neil fan you'll love this. If you are a writer you will love this.

I listened to the whole thing because I am both a Neil Gaiman fan and a writer. The section before the first song is when he talks the most about writing.

For example. Why does he have a super awesome blog and why does he tweet and stuff? Because he enjoys it. Not because he has to. He reminds writers to write good books because the thing people will remember about you is not that you had an awesome blog or that you had the best tweets they will remember the books.

He also talks about the biography he wrote about Duran Duran. The lesson he learned from this experience about writing for money versus writing what he wanted is pretty valuable.

If you are reading this right now saying "OMG I can't believe I missed this program" don't worry. You can stream it here.


E.J. Wesley said...

Super cool! Thanks for sharing! I'm a big NG fan too, and I'm going to bookmark this to listen when I have more time.

What's your favorite NG book? Graveyard Book for me.

Nicki Elson said...

Hi Carrie!

This Neil fellow is realllly popular lately. Love what he said. Social networking should be much more want to than have to and when it's forced, you can totally tell.

Carrie said...

@E. J.- I can't pick just one. I loved The Graveyard Book but I also loved Neverwhere and I cried at the end of The Sandman.

Lindsay N. Currie said...

Wow, very cool! Thanks for posting:)

SaraToday said...

I was really hoping to catch this (stupid job). Maybe I'll stream it.