Monday, August 01, 2011

Happy 30th MTV

I was working on a post about how revising is like a fitting room but then I turned on the radio and the DJs were talking about how MTV turns 30 today.

Even though I was young when MTV first hit the airwaves it was a big part of my childhood. Believe it or not MTV was a big deal when it first aired but not everyone had cable back then and not everyone was allowed to watch MTV even if they had cable.

News of our MTV spread through the neighborhood teenagers faster than news of a house giving out full size candy bars at Halloween. There was never a shortage of teenagers who wanted to babysit my sibs and I.

My parents weren't the type of people who worried about TVs effect on me so I'm not sure they would have cared about the amount of MTV I watched when I was young.

My mom got remarried to someone who believed MTV was bad. Fortunately I taught my stepdad how to "block" MTV and VH1 by removing the channel from the lineup using the remote. The channel was still there and could easily be accessed by pressing the channel number on the remote. We were both happy because he thought MTV was blocked and I still had my MTV.

What are your memories of MTV? Were you allowed to watch MTV? If you weren't did you watch it anyway?


Sarah said...

Very devious. ;)

We were a family without cable. By the time I got cable (as an adult) MTV had started to suck. But, I still put in a lot of time watching Daria reruns.

SaraToday said...

Carrie the bad girl!