Thursday, May 19, 2011

reading pays off

A few weeks ago I was biking to work on a cold day and I found a phone. It was one of those smart phone things like an iPhone but not an iPhone.

You know I like Veronica Mars, Nancy Drew, and Trixie Belden so it should be no surprise that I picked the phone up off the bike path/sidewalk. I looked at the lightrail station platform to see if anyone matched a smart phone with a pink cover but since there was only a group of guys going to a Twins game I took the phone to work.

I called T-mobile. They were little help. Why can our phones/technology track our every move but can't get us back to our lost items.
While I was on the phone with t-mobile someone called the phone so I called them back to tell them the phone was at the lost and found at my job.
Then on my dinner break I saw a craigslist lost and found post that fit the description of the phone. So I told the poster that the phone was at the lost and found at my job.

The people were so happy and thankful they sent me an email telling me what an awesome person I was and they wanted to thank me and what did I want. I pretty much said I was glad to be one of the good people in the world and that I didn't need anything really but that I did like amazon. I didn't hear anything else but I stopped by work the other day for a friends b-day and there was an amazon gift card in my mailbox. Now I can fill my Kindle with more awesome like Possession by Elana Johnson.

The moral of this story is reading pays off. Having awesome book heroines has given me the skills to reunite smart phones with their owners.

How has reading paid off for you?


KO: The Insect Collector said...

A lovely story!!!!
How kind of them to reward you. Really generous and cool. and I lol'ed over Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars.

SaraToday said...

Good for you for paying it forward. I lost my keys once in New York of all places and someone mailed them back to me.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

isn't that awesome???

I found a phone once and called the number in it that had the most calls. Her little brother hung up on me before I convinced him to give the phone to the mom.

and I have to add that I simply love my kindle. it's so convenient that I'm spending way too much money on books!

Meredith said...

Aw, that's awesome! Thank goodness for good people in the world who know how to follow Veronica Mars' example. :)