Tuesday, May 03, 2011

May and Tonys

May is here! Today there is sun and it actually feels like May. There were these funny flakes in the sky the last couple days but apparently The May Day Parade was successful in bringing the sun even if it didn't arrive on May Day.

I didn't post an a to z reflection yesterday but I had a wonderful time. It was a fun challenge. Thank you to the hosts and to everyone who visited, commented on or followed my blog.

What else is here? Tony award nominations!
This year I'm super excited about the nominations because I had the honor of working on shows and with people who went on to be nominated.
I worked on The Scottsboro Boys when it was in Minneapolis for its pre-Broadway run. I was sad to see that it closed earlier than scheduled last winter because I think this is a story that needs to be told and heard. It is a show that challenges the audience. They are hoping to bring it back. I hope they do. Disney and Hollywood seem to have taken over Broadway and I want to see shows like this survive.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Joshua Henry, Colman Domingo and Forrest McClendon. These men are amazing and I hope they win.

I also got to work on the play Brief Encounter from Kneehigh Theater when it was in Minneapolis. If you live across the pond or are planning to go across the pond be sure to check out their shows. Hannah Yelland was nominated for her role as a Leading Actress in a Play for her role in Brief Encounter. Congrats to her. You go girl.

Anyway I'm proud that shows I worked on got nominated and people I worked with got nominated. I'm proud to work at a theater that brings these plays to their audiences.


Jennifer Hoffine said...

I'm with you on not wanting Disney and Hollywood to take over Broadway!

You won a prize on my blog, but I can't find your email. If you could email me or leave your email as a comment on my blog, I'd appreciate it.


Sarah said...

Yay, Tonys! I was afraid I'd missed the show; for some reason it seems later this year. That's cool that you were involved with one of the productions. :)

Julie said...

Wow, that's awesome you worked on those shows. That will make the awards exciting to watch, I'm sure. Happy May! :)

Anita said...

My kids are theatre crazies, and I grew up, well, not around theatre. So much to learn. We just finished a play and a musical. Now we have one more musical and a month off before the next one begins. Whew.

You should be proud of yourself!