Saturday, March 26, 2011


I decided this morning to sign up for a Twitter account.

I have a facebook account and a blog but I've held out on signing up for Twitter. Why?

I think of blogs, facebook, twitter accounts as being like pets. They require attention. Unlike pets who need food, exercise, and grooming these internet places need posts, updates, tweets, comments. Up until now I just haven't been ready for another internet site to visit but it seems like another good way to connect with and support other writers.

Maybe signing up for a Twitter account isn't quite as big a decision as getting a puppy but think of all the people who create orphan blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages just because they think they should and then never go back to visit them.

Hopefully I will be able to maintain balance of working on my WIP while connecting on Twitter.

I think if I think of my WIP as the big cat in this picture and all other things as kitten invaders I'll be able to find balance.

Are you on Twitter? How do you maintain balance while still connecting with others on blogs, twitter, facebook?


Rebecca Bradley said...

I'm on Twitter and personally love it. I actually tweet more than I use Facebook. I find it quicker and more interactive.

I balance it by tweeting on the go from my phone.

What is your twitter name? You can find me at @rebeccajbradley

Enjoy it. It's fun and interesting.

Stephanie said...

Agreed! They do require attention and I am a negligent tweeter/fb-er/blogger at times.

KO: The Insect Collector said...

What you describe has really held me back from twittering. I can't do it from my phone and I also feel like I have to keep "things that could make me not pay attention to my kids" in check. I hear such great things about it, and I know people love it. I will do it one day, but for now, I feel like I can't justify the time.

Jaydee Morgan said...

Welcome to twitter. Aside from my blog, I find twitter the easiest on my time. It's all a juggling act but it can be fun as well. Good luck!

Alicia Gregoire said...

I love Twitter. For me, it's less distracting than Facebook. Since the day job keeps me at a desk the entire time, I'm more active during the day. When I'm doing writing or editing, I try to limit myself to once a half hour or so.