Monday, March 14, 2011

side effect of the Kindle

Here is what life was like before I got a Kindle.

Random person: What are you reading?
Me: (Insert YA or middle grade title here)
Person: Oh. I've never heard of that one.
Me: It's from the YA section. I read mostly YA.
Person: Is it good?
Me: Yes
This is sometimes followed by a conversation about why I read YA. My hopes of becoming a published author and to write YA or middle grade novels.

Here is what happens since I have a Kindle.
Random Person: Is that a Kindle?
Me: Yes.
Person: Do you like it?
Me: Yes I love it.
Person: How does it work?
Then I show them all the awesome things the Kindle does.

Most people don't ask what book I'm reading anymore. They just see the device. For some reason showing off my Kindle is much more fun than telling people about my reading habits.


Sarah said...

I was staunchly anti Kindle at the beginning of all this, but now I see all the cool ebooks coming out and I sorta want one. :/

J.L. Campbell said...

I hear mine arrived today and I know I'll enjoy it for the fact that it'll be soooo much cheaper to buy books where I live. I think I'll get pretty much the same reaction here. I've only seen one person on the island reading from one and he's an American.

Elle Strauss said...

Hum, interesting phenomenon...

Meredith said...

Maybe someday people will start asking what you're reading on the Kindle--I kind of love those conversations, where I explain YA to people. Hope you're enjoying your Kindle!

Christina Rodriguez said...

I hope people will soon start asking what you're reading again! I wonder if folks are less inclined to ask what you're reading since the Kindle gives you more privacy in that regard. It'd be like asking what sites people are browsing on their phones.