Tuesday, March 15, 2011

These boots are made for Workshopping

I'm lucky to live in Minneapolis which is home to The Loft Literary Center. As a result I've been able to take writing classes and attend conferences over the last few years.
Many of the classes I've taken have a workshop element. Meaning that one hour of each class is dedicated to workshopping. Usually students sign up for a week to share their work and the other students comment on that work. The instructors usually set out guidelines so these can be helpful.
My "day job" happens to be in the exciting world of costumes. I even went to college and spent semesters studying the psychology of how people dress.

Which is why when it is my turn to workshop I plan my outfit around my awesome boots. Seriously what is more awesome than red cowboy boots? Maybe knock off Frye boots. I also have a pair of glittery Doc Martens which make me feel pretty invincible too but sadly they are not as invincible to Minnesota winters.

When I'm wearing these boots on workshop days I feel pretty awesome. Like hey, my classmates might not like parts of what I've written but I have the most awesome footwear in the room. I do take workshop suggestions seriously but the boots help me feel more confident.
Do you have a special outfit for workshop day or awesome shoes for giving presentations? Do you have an awesome necklace you wear only when you write or maybe a sweet thinking cap like the one below?


Lynda R Young said...

I wear giany cow slippers when I write...does that count? ;)

Matthew MacNish said...

You're from MPLS and I wasn't following you? WTH!?!

I've fixed it now.

KO: The Insect Collector said...

I love my red clogs more than anything.

Carrie said...

Lynda-cow slippers totally count.
Katherine- One of my friends once taught me that red shoes go with everything. This is one of my life rules.
Matthew-thanks for the follow.

Christina Rodriguez said...

Those boots with the red uppers are awesome!

I don't have a go-to outfit for book events, but I do consider the whole dressing-up thing as a confidence-builder since most of the time I'm alone in my studio, looking like hell. My "steppin' out" clothes are my armor, my makeup is my warpaint, etc.

Elana Johnson said...

Very cool! I like wearing no shoes. My feet are happiest that way. Sometimes I even drive without putting shoes on. Too much hassle.

Alicia Gregoire said...

You should do a post about the psychology of dress. That would be interesting.

As for shoes, I have a pair of purple and pink striped Danskos. I call them my Cheshire Cat shoes.

Carrie said...

Elena-my sister drives without shoes too.
Alicia- Cheshire cat shoes sound awesome.