Tuesday, March 01, 2011

writing and fitness

The temps are over 30 for a couple days which has me thinking about summer.
Today I signed up for the YWCA Women's Triathlon. That's right I'm going to swim, bike and run. On the same day.
I've been participating in a fitness competition at my gym this month. So far despite not eating cookies and eating more vegetables for the last couple weeks I haven't lost an ounce. Part of my goal of doing the fitness competition was to get in shape for the tri cause I run faster when I weigh less.
Since I've been thinking of ways to eat more broccoli and burn more calories I've been thinking about treadmill desks. An article in the Jan/Feb 2011 SCBWI bulletin got me thinking about treadmill desks.
I don't have room for a treadmill desk in my house so I've been researching other options.
Here's what I've found.
A bicycle computer desk using a bike, an indoor trainer and an ironing board. Check it out here.
One of my coworkers invented her own version using her little stair stepper and propping a table up on two chairs with her computer on top of it.
A recent study came out showing that putting a small pedal machine under the desks of office worker helped them burn 500 extra calories a day.
Although it might not burn as many calories as a treadmill, bike or stepper through the day I've decided to sit on a stability ball while I work and take walking breaks.

How do you stay in shape while you write?


Jennie Bailey said...

Are you really going to sit on a stability ball while you work? That's crazy! I would roll off backwards and break my neck. I'm not staying in shape. I just hit the obese category with my BMI. Having been active my whole life kind of screwed me for adult life. My body was used to an hour and a half rigorous exercise a day when I was younger. Now I have to double that just to maintain and there isn't time. I walk the dog for two hours a day and try to get an extra thirty minutes in somewhere. I'm getting new shoes Friday and plan to start training for a 5K. It's no Tri, but it's a start. You are my hero for the Tri!! I'll be curious to see if this starts a Tri addiction with you. My bestfriend hasn't stopped and it's three years after her first! Great way to stay fit!

Carrie said...

I am happy to report that I haven't fallen off the stability ball yet but I'm sure when I do it is going to be funny.