Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tech fast

I am on a sort of forced technology fast right now due to the fact that my internet is being lame. Apparently my signal strength is really weak s someone from the ISP will be coming out next week to hopefully fix it. Until that time I am connecting at home when I can or going to my friendly neighborhood coffee shop. Before my internet decided to be stupid I spent the weekend in Alabama where my sister lives/works and where there is no WiFi.
The biggest change for me has been the fact that I have only checked my facebook once a day for the last week. When my internet gets back up I think I should make a habit of the once a day FB check instead of the whenever I'm bored or hit a block in my writing FB check.
The funny thing is that in the past I have come to the coffee shop as a way to stay off the internet. Since I live alone and don't have kids silence is something I have an abundance of so sometimes I go to the coffee shop for the chaos. The fact that all the people in the coffee shop could look over my shoulder and see the fact that I was on FB motivated me to actually spend the time writing.

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