Sunday, April 25, 2010

I always had a lot of respect for my friends who are parents but after this week of being super nanny for one of my coworker's 3 kids all I can say is whoa.
Yesterday I showed up for a short little 2 hour shift and I said "If this is how I tired I feel after 2 weeks of babysitting I can't imagine how parents feel."
I felt like I could probably sleep until Wednesday. I didn't, but I did sleep for 10 hours last night.

When offered the Date Night shift on Monday I said I needed a recovery day (or maybe week). Also Date Night happens to be the same day as my writing group meeting but I was too tired to remember that until a couple hours later.

Now what am I going to do with all my babysitting money? Probably spend it during the used book shopping adventure today.


SaraToday said...

I just bought 4 new books (well, used but new to me).

OfficeGirl said...

I have two kids and Ill tell you this much. I am amazed that I can even partly function most days. I am chronically fatigued and worn to the bone. In fact right now they are both napping and I have to use this time to take deep breaths and remind myself that it wont last forever. One day Ill be able to sleep in, wear makeup and not make grunting noises before I sit down.