Saturday, April 10, 2010


Starting Monday I have a 5 week break from work.
For people who work 9-5, 50 weeks a year this would probably be cause for a little freak out but it is pretty common in my line of work to have some time off between shows.
I am going to spend some of my time off babysitting and probably visiting my family but my big goal is to try to set a more reliable writing schedule.

I admit that my writing schedule has been a bit erratic lately. I blame this on the sewing project I took on which ended up being more hours in a shorter amount of time than expected.
So here are my goals.

1. Write everyday. (Um yeah. Not sure how I stopped writing everyday but there it is)

2. Bring a revised story to my critique group.

3. Work on novel revision. (I'm going to try to revise at least 3-5 pages a day.)

4. Work on finding a home for one of my finished stories. (Submit at least one story during my break.)

5. Set a writing schedule that I can stick to when I go back to work. (This means that I need to not put off my writing until 4 p.m when I'm usually getting ready for work.)

So there they are. My writing goals for the next 5 weeks. I will still be babysitting so the fact that I will be have to leave my house at a certain time everyday will hopefully motivate me to get my writing done early in the day.

I have other personal fun goals like going to a Twins game and I'm working on fitness goals for a fitness competition at my gym.

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