Friday, April 16, 2010

About eight years ago I bought a pair of roller skates. Not roller blades but actual roller skates with four wheels that sit more side by side. They were the Sketchers 4 wheelers and while I loved the idea of them I found their lack of ankle support something I couldn't make work for me.

So I sold them on ebay about five years ago.
Yesterday I regretted this decision.
One of the kids I'm babysitting this week finally got the hang of the whole how to ride a bike thing so yesterday she and her brother tried to ride their bikes to Canada. OK maybe not Canada but they still rode pretty far while I tried to keep up on foot. Which made me wish I still had those 4 wheelers.
Plus what would be cooler than a roller skating babysitter?

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Christina Rodriguez said...

"Roller Skating Babysitter" sounds like a great kid's book idea to me!