Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love the new ballpark

On the list of things I love baseball ranks pretty high up there. I spent my childhood playing softball and one of the highlights of my summers was always going to my grandparent’s house where I would watch baseball with my grandpa for two weeks.

Growing up in Iowa meant that I didn’t grow up supporting a Major League team. Some of my friends liked the Cubs, some liked the Cardinals, my mom and her family like the Yankees. When I moved to Minnesota I went to my first Twins game and I was hooked.

I'm kind of a baseball nerd. I keep a baseball reading list and I like to go to as many games as I can in a season. Sometimes I don't talk about my love of baseball because since my family still bleeds pinstripes it can be hard to hear them trash talk my beloved team with the kind of confidence that people who root for a dynasty can.

I was super excited about my first outdoor game at Target Field, the Twins new outdoor ballpark. I have been babysitting all week so today was the first day I could go. I decided that this would be the perfect way to end a week of babysitting and take advantage of my free Saturday.

I didn’t get to go opening day because the stars were aligned against me and even though I had friends who won the ticket lottery for opening day, buying tickets for opening day did not happen.

I love the new ballpark so much.

When I got there I parked my bike at the bike parking area,which had Twins logos on the bike racks. Yay go Twins.

I got there early so I could check out the place and walk around for a while. It is perfect for that because you can see the field and watch batting practice while you are walking around

I rarely think that people have cooler jobs than mine but today as I saw how excited everyone working at Target Field was I have to admit I was a little jealous.

Watching baseball outside was a treat for the senses in a way that the Dome never was. It was bright and sunny. I know it sounds cheesy but there was not a cloud in the sky and the field looked like the most beautiful shade of real green grass green instead of fake astroturf never seen sun, washed out green.

My seat was near one of the places that sells Murray’s Steak Sandwiches, one of the new foods in the ballpark so every so often the wind would blow right and you would smell grilled steak and think about how awesome being outside really is.

Today Twins catcher Joe Mauer was given the silver bat for being the most awesome hitter of 2009 and also his 2009 AL MVP plaque. His dad threw out one of the ceremonial first pitches.

There was a homer by Thome earlier in the game so I got to see the home run fireworks in action. (There were no home run fireworks at the Dome). We won a close game against the Royals thanks to a homer by Orlando Hudson to put us in the lead.

Of course now that I’ve been I want to go back as often as possible. Maybe I should have bought season tickets.


BeeARawFoodie said...

That place is collosal. If not this year, I'm sure you'll get season tix sometime in the future!

Christina Rodriguez said...

I've heard that the new stadium is nice. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!